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 Echoing the sentiments expressed by Susan Sontag in her profound quote, that owning the world through images means we're experiencing something not quite real.

And drawing inspiration from Plato's Allegory of the Cave, my creative endeavors venture into exploring the immense power embedded in photography, suggestion, and representation. "Altered State" is a short experimental film shot on 8mm film. Its purposeful preservation in an untouched state aims to authentically represent an unedited version of reality, encapsulating the raw essence of our surroundings.

The compelling force of an image in shaping our perception of reality is undeniable. Seeing, quite often, translates into believing. In a modern society where we dedicate a substantial portion of our time to consuming an array of images meticulously constructed by various creators and presented to us for observation, it's intriguing to contemplate the malleability of our understanding of reality through these visual representations. These images wield considerable influence in shaping our conception of the world that surrounds us.


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