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  An image has a great ability to influence our understanding of reality. Seeing is very often believing. What happens when we live in the world where we spend so much time looking at all kind of images which have been constructed by someone else and brought to us to look at?

I wonder how easily our perception of reality can be manipulated through the visual representation for the reason that from all these images we see we tent to construct the idea of the world around us.

 Inspired by Plato's Alegory of the Cave, my work explores the power of photograph, suggestion and representation.


Altered State is short, an experimental film shot on 8 mm. For the purpose, it has been left as untouched possible so to represent the unaltered (unedited) reality. 

 To possess the world in the form of images is, precisely, to re-experience the unreality and remoteness of the real.

                                                   Susan Sontag

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