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       Sigita Silina


is a Latvian born photographer, filmmaker and visual artist 

currently based in United Kingdom.

Her work frequently examines sociocultural conditions, particularly the ways

visual language, technology and social ideologies transform human behaviour.

Her interdisciplinary practice is closely related to cognitive science and visual expression.

Combining still image and video, both digital and analogue Sigita's work focus on perception,

reasoning, memory and emotion. 

       2022  Longlisted artist at Aesthetica Art Prize - York/UK


       2022  Published in the Aesthetica Magazine book/artist                       catalogue Future Now 2022


       2020   Masters of Arts - Photography

       2019   Solo Exhibition ‘The Inner World of Images’

                  at the art space ‘The Carousel’ - Nottingham/UK


       2018   Bachelors of Arts - Photography,

                                    Video and Digital Image


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